This box is good for 6 and it comes with the following :

🍫6 XL #hotchocolatebombs

•Oreo with white, hot chocolate 

•Caramel with hot, salted, caramel hot chocolate 

•Hersey milk chocolate with regular hot chocolate

• Hershey cookies and cream with white hot chocolate

• Peppermint candy cane with peppermint white hot chocolate

• M&Ms with hot chocolate mix with powdered/crushed M&Ms dust

🍫6 stir sticks, dipped in chocolate with one of each flavour

🍫6 spoon stir stick two white chocolate with Oreo crumbs, two milk chocolate with Crush candy canes and two with white chocolate with  crush candy canes

🍫Half a dozen sugar cookies

🍫Half a dozen of thumb cookies with raspberry filling

🍫 6 apple spice milk chocolate shape: Christmas tree

🍫 6 peppermint chocolate shape: Christmas tree

🍫 A dozen, mitten shape Chocolate barks ,three dark chocolate peppermint, three white chocolate, and six apple spice milk chocolate

🍫 a cup full of regular size marshmallows 

🍫 a cup full of candy canes 

🍫 half a dozen of graham crackers 

🍫 a dozen pretzel twists, dip in chocolate 

🍫 half a dozen of biscuits, dip in chocolate

🍫 half a dozen of milk and white peppermint chocolate

Hot Chocolate Bomb Box

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